Trainings + Lectures  

University of the District of Columbia (UDC) Landscape Training for Green Infrastructure (3-day course)

The Center for Sustainable Development and Resilience (CSDR) of the College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability, and Environmental Sciences (CAUSES) at the University of the District of Columbia is offering landscape training. This three-day course will focus on landscape techniques and maintenance activities for green infrastructure projects. Instructors will utilize in-classroom and hands-on field training to strengthen and expand the professional skillsets of the participants.
Participants will learn the sustainable theoretical framework of landscape, gardening, horticulture and soil sciences that will help diversify participant’s skillsets and prepare them for entry-level work as a landscape technician. This course is recommended and serve as complementary to the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP).

Course topics include:

  • Urban Soil basics and how it relates to Green Infrastructure
  • Stormwater Basics: infiltration, velocity, intensity, runoff coefficients, etc.
  • Green Infrastructure purpose and function (looking specifically at rain gardens and bioswales)
  • Learning how to read and understand construction documents (will be using East Capitol Farm CDs as a case study)
  • Plants role in Green Infrastructure: function, health, identification
  • Maintenance of Green Infrastructure: Pruning, Weeding, Watering, etc.
  • Green Infrastructure troubleshooting
  • Landscape Calculations for ordering soil, mulch, plants, etc.
  • Site Maintenance: use checklist, develop a routine
  • Preparedness: Gear, Mindset, Organizational Skills, etc.

A certificate in landscape training will be issued upon the successful completion of all three days of the training.


Lecturer for University of Maryland Landscape Architecture Program

LARC 221 - Digital Design Tools - Spring 2019

Course description: The development and application of computing skills as used by the landscape architecture profession. This Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) course develops computer drafting using a variety of software programs. It also introduces students to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping technologies.

LARC 151 - Urban Agriculture: Designing and Assessing Edible Landscapes - Spring 2020

Course description: Students will examine the growing development of urban agriculture and edible landscapes. Urban agriculture has seen a recent growth and interest in cities across the globe. From Paris to New York, from Baltimore to Detroit, urban agriculture is an emerging land use to address a variety of needs. Redevelopment, food deserts, community engagement and environmental justice are just some of the issues and topics that are connected to the recent growth of urban agriculture. This course will take a critical examination of urban agriculture's contribution to the food system, its input and outputs in the urban landscape, and the planning and design of urban agriculture and edible landscapes.