Katherine Carroll

photo of Carroll Family What is your professional background/expertise?

I’m an attorney at a large international law firm, where I advise clients on banking regulation and cybersecurity and privacy issues.

How did you come to know/work with Kelley Oklesson/Groundsmith Collective?

Kelley was partnering with a local landscaping company we had hired for a small project, and we then re-hired her when we decided to do a full landscaping of our yard and she had started Groundsmith Collective.

What was something that you learned while working with Kelley?

Kelley really took the time to walk us through all of the options for the plantings in our yard and how they would all fit together.  That taught us a lot, and also increased our enjoyment of the yard once it was done.  Also we grew to trust her judgment so much that in our second round of plantings, we were happy to take a leap of faith even when we couldn’t fully visualize the end result, and so I’d also say she helped me learn to just have faith and trust in someone as capable as she is!

What did you enjoy about working with Kelley and how did she compare to working with other design professionals?

Although she is a great professional, I have to say what I enjoyed most about working with her was that she is just a treat to be around and have in your life.

How did working with a designer impact the outcome of your project?

We ended up doing things in our yard that we would never have thought of doing, that turned out amazing.

What does the world need more of? Less of?

Dr. Seuss flowers – everyone loves them!!