West Wyatt Avenue

Alexandria, VA
Job Size: Small
Job Status: In the ground

Accessibility and comfort are two principles that are key for successful design outcomes and no one knows this better than the Shaw family.  The Shaw’s have a wheelchair bound daughter, so entering and exiting the house takes additional physical and mental preparation.  They were looking for interesting and creative design solutions to drastically improve the functionality of their front yard to bring ease and a bit of joy to their daily routine.  The design plan took a radical stance on the what is thought of as the “front yard”.  In order to achieve a generous and smooth transition from the curb to the ADA ramp, we proposed to use an interesting paving pattern that essentially converted the driveway and grassy front yard into a multi-functional entrance court.  The modern paving pattern helped create and define an interesting new planting bed against the front porch.  Perhaps one of the most exciting features is that paving is completely drivable, being able to withstand vehicular weight.  So now the Shaw’s have two options when using the accessible van: park on the street and release the rampe or park in the driveway and release the ramp.  Life is made easier now.

Design Tools: Hand sketches & Google Sketchup & AutoCAD
Collaborators: Tim Shaw (Horizontal Porch Lattice) & Matt Roth Photography
Materials: Merrifield Garden Center (Plants) & Hanover Pavers (Hardscape)
Installation: Hughes Landscaping

*Project was designed and implemented while kelley oklesson served as lead designer at Hughes Landscaping www.hugheslandscaping.com