Walhonding Road

Bethesda, Maryland
Job Size: Small – Rain Garden
Status: In the ground

With climate change challenging our communities to alter our development practices, many jurisdictions are offering residents and business owners tax rebates to implement stormwater best management practices to reduce runoff.  Our clients recently purchased a home that was still facing stormwater runoff challenges even though each downspout was being directed into an engineered drywell onsite.  Most of the runoff was surface flow coming from the concrete driveway and across the front lawn, directly towards the house foundation.  The design challenge was to beautifully intercept and treat the stormwater flow while also creating a welcoming front entrance experience.  We ultimately decided to design and install a rain garden with artful stone boulder accents to naturally blend with the surrounding landscape. The rain garden was installed in 2018, the year Maryland received the highest volume of rainfall on record.  Talk about perfect timing.

Design Tools: Hand renderings & AutoCAD
Collaborators: Gro-Getters & Montgomery County RainScapes
Installation: Hughes Landscaping

*Project was designed and implemented while Kelley Oklesson served as lead designer at Hughes Landscaping www.hugheslandscaping.com