Reservoir Road

NW Washington, D.C.
Job Size: Small
Job Status: In the ground

This adorable, historic georgetown property contained a postage-stamp-sized backyard that was underutilized due to the existing layout inherited from the previous owner.  The client saw such potential for the space but needed visualizations to select the best design for the family’s lifestyle.  The architecture of the house and garage were traditional and classic, so the client wanted the design to respond thoughtfully to the existing style.  We focused on clean lines, classic materials, enhancing/guiding views, and maximizing space.

Design Tools: AutoCAD
Collaborators: Outdoor Illumination (Lighting), Matt Roth Photography
Materials: Merrifield Garden Center (Plants)
Installation: Hughes Landscaping

*Project was designed and implemented while kelley oklesson served as lead designer at Hughes Landscaping