Arbor Day at Longfields Elementary School

Forestville, Maryland
Job Size: Medium
Status: In the ground

Prince George’s County makes a tradition of involving one entire elementary school each year to plant trees across the school grounds. Since 1985, the county has supported getting all grade levels in an elementary school to participate in activities that highlight the importance of trees in our environment. The Prince George’s County Beautification Committee selects one elementary school each year to participate in a week long celebration of trees, including in-classroom lesson plans and a school-wide planting day where each class plants their own special tree on the grounds.

In the winter of 2014, the design team met with Beautification Committee members and school representatives to identify opportunities to plant trees at Longfields Elementary.  The school had an enthusiastic and passionate principal who wanted her students to experience the benefits of planting and caring for trees. Some of the factors and considerations that were discussed included: visibility/safety, access points, maintenance, sun/shade, soil types, etc.  An emphasis was placed on designing with native tree species to the mid-atlantic region.

Design Tools: AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite
Design Team: the Neighborhood Design Center
Collaborators: Prince George’s County Beautification Committee
Installation: Volunteers

*Project was designed and implemented while Kelley Oklesson served as program manager at the Neighborhood Design Center