Lewisdale Elementary Rain Barrel Wraps

Hyattsville, MD
Job Size: Small
Job Status: In the ground

Lewisdale Elementary school teacher, Wendy Rouget understood and promoted the value of environmental stewardship within her students.  She believed that schools are the places where students learn about the interconnectedness of the academic disciplines.  So when Wendy approached the design team at Neighborhood Design Center looking for an interesting opportunity to engage her students, they had an exciting idea to pitch.  The design team proposed to create a digital montage of student artwork from earth day and turn it into a vinyl graphic for the school’s rain barrels.  The thought was that the vinyl graphic would, a) enhance the look of the barrel, b) communicate important messages about environmental stewardship, and c) promote a sense of pride within the students.  The end design product exceeded everyone’s expectations.  Designer Laura Kendrick thoughtfully ensured that artwork from each student was represented in the final montage graphics.  In fact, there was enough artwork to create two separate montages for each rain barrel in the school’s courtyard.  We are happy to report that the vinyl material has held up extremely well to UV exposure over time.

Design Tools: Adobe Suite by Laura Kendrick & Artwork by Lewisdale Students
Materials: Kerley Signs (Vinyl Graphic)
Installation: Kerley Signs

*Project was designed and implemented while kelley oklesson served as program manager at the Neighborhood Design Center www.ndc-md.org