Field of Greens Community Garden (University of Maryland)

Riverdale, Maryland
Job Size: Large
Job Status: In the ground

Field of Greens community garden is an organic, ethnically diverse community garden functioning as a training ground for small-scale, intensive, sustainable agriculture projects. Located in East Riverdale, Maryland, the garden serves the local population of primarily Bhutanese refugees, many with extensive agricultural backgrounds and limited resources. The garden was started in 2014 from a vision of the University of Maryland Extension – Prince George’s County (UME-PGC) and the Prince George’s County Redevelopment Authority.

UME-PGC identified a few “reach for the sky” ideas as the project framework, and the design team helped turn those ideas into reality. The garden was designed to be visually interesting and take full advantage of the available space by creating inviting entryways and optimizing growing space for gardener needs. The design concept was was “fluid by design”, considering future developments in the garden, and allowing for a variety of community activities to take place. The thoughtful nature of the design allows UME-PGC to monitor gardener participation while also welcoming gardener feedback and buy-in for possible future changes.

Design Tools: AutoCAD
Design Team: the Neighborhood Design Center
Collaborators: Kerley Signs, Casey Trees
Installation: The University of Maryland Extension

*Project was designed and implemented while kelley oklesson served as program manager at the Neighborhood Design Center