Fessenden Street

NW Washington, D.C.
Job Size: Small
Job Status: In the ground

Summer temperatures around Washington, D.C. can stay in the upper 90s for weeks on end leaving outdoor pavement feeling like a hot cast-iron skillet. For this project, the client challenged us to explore design interventions that would provide shade in an elegant, yet flexible manner.   We settled on creating a series of intermingled triangular shade sails anchored in natural wood poles, discreetly located around the patio.  The chosen cream colored fabric not only looked chic but blocked 80%-90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.  The multi-dimensional form of the shade sails truly enhance the architecture of the house without the commitment to a permanent structure.

Design Tools: Hand sketches & Google Sketchup
Collaborators: Shore Industries
Installation: Hughes Landscaping

*Project was designed and implemented while kelley oklesson served as lead designer at Hughes Landscaping www.hugheslandscaping.com